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Refinitiv / CoreCommodity CRB® Index

For more than 50 years, this world-renowned index has served as the most widely recognized measure of global commodities markets. As a benchmark, the Refinitiv / CoreCommodity CRB Index is designed to provide timely and accurate representation of a long-only, broadly diversified investment in commodities through a transparent and disciplined calculation methodology.

The history of the Refinitiv / CoreCommodity CRB Index dates back to 1957, when the Commodity Research Bureau constructed an index comprised of 28 commodities that made its inaugural appearance in the 1958 CRB Commodity Year Book. Since then, as commodity markets have evolved, the Index has undergone periodic updates to remain a leading benchmark for the performance of commodities as an asset class.


"The history of the Refinitiv / CoreCommodity CRB Index dates back to 1957."

The Refinitiv / CoreCommodity CRB Index is available on Refinitiv's website. For additional information, please click here or contact CoreCommodity Indexes at 203 708 6500 or


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